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Local Hikers To Complete 250th Boo Hoff Trail Hike

Post Date:02/21/2019 3:10 PM
Mark Johnson, hike coordinator for the Koko-Nuts, a La Quinta-based power hiking group, announced today that the group will be completing its 250th Boo Hoff Trail Hike (over last 5 years) on Tuesday morning February 26. The Koko-Nuts are avid power hikers. The group consists primarily of retirees and most are in their 60’s. They have completed over 100 significant hikes in the last ten years in the Santa Rosa Monument, San Jacinto Mountain, San Gorgornio Mountain and Joshua Tree National Park. These hikes range in distance from 10-25 miles with elevation gains in excess of 8,000 feet. The Koko-Nuts hike the Boo Hoff Trail in La Quinta on Tuesday mornings for training purposes. This hike is 6.8 miles round-trip with an elevation gain of 1,600’. The trail offers beautiful views of the mountains, the Salton Sea and the City of La Quinta. They start the hike at 5-6 AM and reach the peak in about one-hour to see the sun come up over the Salton Sea! To put this accomplishment in perspective, hiking the Boo Hoff Trail 250 times is equivalent to hiking from La Quinta to a spot 76 miles above Casper, Wyoming (850 miles) and back! Space begins 62 miles above the earth, so maybe we should be called the hiking astro-nuts! 
“We are so fortunate to live in the Coachella Valley. Literally 10 minutes from my house, I can hike some of the most beautiful and challenging hiking trails in the US.”
Please join us on Tuesday, February 26 (6 AM) at the Top of the Cove in La Quinta for #250 with a celebration following the hike!