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Interested in getting involved in your local government?  Serving on a city board or commission is a great way to contribute to your community, meet other active residents, and keep abreast of the achievements and challenges facing your city.  A great time commitment is not necessary for most boards/commissions.   

All members of boards/commissions shall be a bona-fide resident and registered voter of the City of La Quinta.

Due to a policy change - applications are now being accepted throughout the year for all Boards & Commissions.


The City of La Quinta is looking for interested citizens to fill a vacancy on the Community Services Commission for an unexpired term ending June 30, 2019. Applicants must be a resident of La Quinta and a registered voter. The purpose of the Commission is to encourage the development of a planned and orderly approach  to the delivery of leisure and community services in the City, to advise the City Council with respect to the City’s development of cultural arts, including cultural events and activities, and to promote the literary, performing and visual arts. Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. Please submit your application with the Clerk's Office by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 25, 2019. Interviews with the La Quinta City Council are scheduled for Tuesday, April 2, 2019, at 4:00 p.m.

For an application to serve on any Board or Commission, click here.

For detailed information on a specific Board or Commission, click the link below:

City Boards/Commissions:

     Community Services Commission
     Construction Board of Appeals
     Housing Commission
     Financial Advisory Commission
     Planning Commission

Regional Boards/Commissions with La Quinta citizen representatives:
     Coachella Valley Mosquito & Vector Control Board
     Imperial Irrigation District Energy Consumers’ Advisory Committee
     Palm Springs Airport Commission

For a list of current Board and Commission Members, click here.

Maddy Act - Local Appointments List

Notice To The Public

In compliance with the requirements of the Maddy act, Government Code 54970, the following appointment list was posted prior to December 31. It shows all current members of City Commissions and Committees and the dates of their terms of office. Commissioners must be 18 years of age. Note: The names on this list are subject to change based on term expirations and resignations that occur during the year.



From Municipal Code, Chapter 2.06

A. “Board” means a group of council-appointed persons who provide advice on city issues.

B. “Commission” means a group of council-appointed persons having limited legislative powers to make decisions or recommendations to the council on city issues.

C. “Committee” means a temporary group of persons chosen by the council to give special consideration, investigation, and prepare a report on a pending city issue. 
Appointments, Number of Members
A. The city council shall appoint members to all boards and commissions with the exception of the housing commission, whose members shall be appointed by the La Quinta housing authority.

B. From time to time, the city council may establish a committee(s), or committee(s) may be established by boards and commissions authorized to do so.  The establishing body shall determine the number of committee members needed to best perform the duties of that committee and the establishing body shall make appointments pursuant to this Section 2.06.020.

C. The city council shall make appointments to vacancies at open session of a regular or special city council meeting.  The housing authority shall make appointments to housing commission vacancies at open session of a regular or special housing authority meeting.

D. The order of appointments shall be taken up by the city council based on a random drawing publically conducted by the city clerk. 

E. Applicants may apply for appointment to more than one board or commission but order of preference shall not be noted and shall not be considered by the city council. 
F. The number of members on each board and commission shall be set by the city council, or in the case of committees, by the establishing body.  Refer to the related Municipal Code chapter for details regarding a specific board or commission. 

Term and Term Rotation 
A. Unless otherwise provided by law, ordinance or resolution, or unless by the very nature of a situation, the provisions of this section may not be made applicable, all members of boards and commissions shall be appointed for three-year terms commencing on July 1st of the year of appointment.  

B. All members of a committee shall be appointed to terms and have term rotations set by the city council, or the establishing body.  

C. Interim vacancies shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired term of the member replaced.

D. These rules shall not apply to a newly established board or commission to which initial appointments are made on a staggered-term basis.

E. After serving two consecutive three-year terms, or a total of six consecutive years, on a specific board or commission, that member shall rotate out of that board or commission and shall not be considered for reappointment to that specific board or commission until one year has elapsed. 

F. Any board or commission member who has been or will be rotated out of one board or commission, may apply for appointment to any other board or commission immediately, or anytime thereafter.  

G. An exception to the restriction on sequential reappointment to a board or commission after having served for six consecutive years shall be granted for positions requiring specific expertise, characteristics, or professional certifications as set by the city council in past or future actions.  

H. Any term for a board, commission or committee may be extended by action of the city council.  Any term for the housing commission may be extended by action of the housing authority.

A. Unless otherwise provided by law, ordinance, or resolution of the city council, all members of boards and commissions of the city shall serve on only one board or commission at any given time in order to avoid simultaneous memberships.

B. All members of boards and commissions appointed by the city council or the housing authority shall initially, and during their term(s), be bona fide residents and registered voters of the city.

C. Exceptions to the resident requirement shall be granted for certain historic preservation commission positions (see Chapter 2.35) and certain architectural and landscaping review board positions (see Chapter 2.30).

D. Some boards, commissions and committees require specific qualifications of its members in order to perform the duties prescribed.  If a member ceases to meet the required qualifications, s/he shall be disqualified from being a member of that board, commission or committee and a qualified applicant shall be appointed to fill the remainder of the unexpired portion of his/her term.  (Refer to the Municipal Code section for each board, commission or committee for details on qualifications required.)   

E. No member of a city board or commission shall be an employee of the city.

F. If a member of any board, commission or committee is convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude, his/her office shall become vacant, and shall be so declared by the city council or housing authority.

Meetings, Organization, Quorum and Rules of Procedure
A. Unless otherwise provided by law, ordinance or resolution of the city council, each board, commission and committee shall meet once each month or as needed on the date(s) selected by the board, commission or committee.

B. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson or a majority of the board, commission or committee in accordance with state law.

C. Unless otherwise provided by law, ordinance or resolution of the city council, a quorum for each board, commission or committee shall be the majority of existing, appointed members.

D. Each board, commission and committee shall follow such rules and regulation established by the city council for the conduct of its business.

E. Unless otherwise provided by law, ordinance or resolution of the city council, each board, commission and committee shall choose one of its number as chairperson and one as vice chairperson at its first meeting held after June 30th of each year.

F. Each chairperson and vice chairperson shall have authority and perform such duties as are commonly associated with their respective titles, or as may be specially prescribed by law or by the bylaws or other rules of the board, commission or committee. 

G. Vacancies in either the chairperson or vice chairperson position occurring prior to July 1st may be filled as in the first instance, and a new chairperson or vice chairperson may be chosen at any time by majority vote of all members of the board, commission or committee.

Compensation for boards or commissions or committees shall be as set by ordinance or resolution of the city council.

Purpose, Powers and Duties
A. The purpose, powers and duties of all boards and commissions are determined by the city council and set forth in the Municipal Code section specific to each board and commission.  From time to time, the city council may, by ordinance or resolution, amend any chapter or section of this code. 

B. The purpose, powers, and duties of all standing and temporary committees shall be set by the city council or the city-authorized creating entity.

Compliance with the Political Reform Act
On an annual basis, in conjunction with the Political Reform Act disclosure statutes and the City of La Quinta’s Conflict of Interest Code, or at any time if a change in circumstances warrants, each board, commission and committee member will provide the city council with a disclosure statement, which identifies any matters that have a bearing on the appropriateness of that member’s service.  Such matters may include, but are not limited to, changes in employment, changes in residence or changes in clients.

Removal from Office, Limitation on Absences
A. Any member of a board, commission or committee may be removed from office at any time, with or without cause, by a majority vote of the city council or in the case of the housing commission, by a majority vote of the housing authority.

B. If any member of a board, commission or committee absents him/herself from two (2) consecutive regular meetings, or absents him/herself from a total of three (3) regular meetings within any fiscal year, his/her office shall become vacant and shall be filled as any other vacancy. 
C. A board, commission or committee member may request advance permission from the city council to be absent at one or more regular meetings due to extenuating circumstances, and/or may request the city council to excuse an absence after-the-fact where such extenuating circumstances prevented the member from seeking advance permission to be absent.  If such permission or excuse is granted by the city council, the absence shall not be counted toward the above-stated limitations on absences.

Staff Support and Recordkeeping
A. All departments of the city, through the office of the city manager, shall furnish appropriate existing public information, data and records, and provide technical assistance and advice as required, within reason, as an aid to the boards, commissions and committees in the performance of designated duties.

B. The city manager shall, within reason or budgetary constraints, provide or cause to be provided adequate staff and clerical help to all boards, commissions and committees.

C. The staff and clerical help assigned by the city manager shall maintain accurate and permanent records of the acts of each board, commission and committee. 

D. All boards, commissions and committees shall supply to the city council and/or housing authority, on request, such information relating to its activities as are public records


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