Community Services Commission

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The Community Services Commission (CSC), established in 1998, is coordinated by the Community Resources Department and is comprised of five members appointed by the City Council. The Commission’s regularly scheduled meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m.

The Commission’s primary functions are to make recommendations to the City Council by analyzing community services’ program effectiveness and needs; researching and soliciting of grants and donations; preparing and maintaining community services master plans; recommending fees and operations policies regarding parks and recreation facilities; proposing recreation and social programs; publicizing and promoting the City’s recreation programs; reviewing parks’ maintenance standards and quality; making recommendations on community issues; evaluation and planning of the community service delivery system; encouraging and promoting understanding and cooperation between the City and public safety agencies; fostering mutual understanding and respect among racial, religious, cultural and nationality groups; and other similar community services programs.

For more information about the CSC, contact us at or (760) 777-7106.

For a list of current Committee members, click here.


The minutes for the CSC meetings will not be available until they have been approved at the next regular meeting.

The meeting agendas are typically available not less than 72 hours prior to each meeting and may be downloaded by clicking on one of the Event links below.

Staff reports (unsigned, without attachments) are available by clicking on the item titles listed on the agenda, but may not be the latest version, as the City of La Quinta reserves the right to make changes to staff reports prior to the beginning of each meeting.  The City also reserves the right to make changes to the order of items listed on the agenda.

For signed copies of staff reports, as well as any accompanying attachments, you may contact the Community Resources Department at (760) 777-7106 or


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