Historic Sites and Tour Brochure

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Historic Sites

Cove Admin Bldg 3Most of the City's historic structures are still in use today. Although some have been altered over the years, many have maintained their historical integrity and can be seen from public roads .  As private property, most of them are private residences, and their privacy must be respected.  Fortunately, some are places of business, such as the La Quinta Hotel (now known as the La Quinta Resort and Spa) and the El Ranchito Restaurant, and as such, are open to the public as part of their business.  Others are located within private developments and are not accessible to the general public, and unfortunately, some no longer exist.

Historic Sites Tour

Pt Happy PassTo promote the area's historic heritage, the City has prepared a self-guided combined driving and walking tour brochure which highlights the history of the City and many of its historic places. The driving portion of the tour, which takes approximately 45 minutes, begins at the La Quinta Museum and ends at the La Quinta Hotel. There you are able to walk through the hotel grounds and see its nationally-eligible historic structures and ground.

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The combination of a visit to the Museum, the driving tour and the opportunity to shop and dine at the historic La Quinta Resort and Spa's numerous shops and restaurants, makes for an outstanding afternoon of La Quinta's best, both past and present.

Copies of the Historic Sites Tour brochure are available at the La Quinta Museum, La Quinta Library, La Quinta City Hall, and various shops and restaurants throughout La Quinta's Historic Village as well as the new Old Town La Quinta shopping and dining area. 

La Quinta Historical Society Plaque Recognition Program

Cove Casita PlaqueThe La Quinta Historical Society is a volunteer, non-profit service organization, dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich, multicultural history of La Quinta.  One of the Society's programs is its Historic Plaque Program which recognizes significant places from La Quinta's past. The first series of plaques were awarded in 2012 to six locations. The locations of the plaques are included on the City's Historic Sites Tour brochure.

For more information on the La Quinta Historical Society, you can visit their website by clicking on the following link.



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