This week the World Health Organization classified COVID-19 as a pandemic. The City of La Quinta is posting regular updates from the CDC and Riverside County Public Health about the actions to protect the community and slow the spread.


Forms & Applications

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City Clerk

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Form / Application 
Appeals Form   
Board and Commission Application   
Claim for Damages   
Records Request   
Request to Speak at City Council Meetings   


Design & Development

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Form / Application 
Planning Application (General) 
Building Permit Application   
Energy HVAC Changeout Form   
Energy Re-Roof Form   
Home Occupation Business Permit 
Preliminary Review Application   
Residential Permit Fee Estimator   
Short Term Vacation Rental New Application  
Short Term Vacation Rental Renewal Application   
Transient Occupancy Tax - Tax Due  

Transient Occupancy Tax - No Tax Due 

County Fire Application


Community Resources

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Form / Application
Art in Public Places Application   
Class Instructor Packet - Recreation Programs   
2016-2017 Grant Application Form  printer_forms

Pillar of the Community Nomination Form   

Athletic Honors Nomination Form 

Distinguished Artists Nomination Form  

Registration Form - Recreation Programs   
Veteran's Nomination Form  
Report of City Code Violation 


Public Works

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Form / Application 
Annual Haul Permit   
Driveway Approach Permit Application   
Encroachment Application   
One Trip Haul Permit   
Parcel Map Application   
Standard Grading Bond Form   
Standard Bond Form - Performance Bond - Labor & Materials Bond for Parcel Map   
Standard Bond Form - Performance Bond - Labor & Materials Bond for Tract Map   
Standard Restoration Bond Form   
Tract Map Application