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2010 General Plan Update                        


What is the General Plan?


The General Plan is a comprehensive policy document which aids City decision-makers in guiding future development in a manner that is consistent with the needs, goals, and interests of the public. Our current General Plan was adopted in 2002. La Quinta is currently working on a General Plan update which will involve comprehensive revisions, amendments, and the creation of additional General Plan elements for topics like economic development and sustainability.


Why should I get involved in the General Plan Update?


The General Plan is a reflection of community values and interests. Community involvement is an important part of the General Plan update process. By getting involved in the General Plan Update process you can help guide the future of your city.


What is a General Plan element?


Each component or “element” of the General Plan focuses on a specific topic. The La Quinta General Plan will contain five chapters that will be further divided up into a number of different elements, including Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Open Space, Conservation, Sustainability, Natural Resources, Economic Development, Noise, Parks and Recreation, and Public Safety.


What is a land use designation?


The General Plan designates different types of land uses such as residential, commercial, industrial, and parks/recreational facilities for different areas of the City. Each land use designation will also identify standards for population density and development intensity.


What is the difference between zoning and land use?


The General Plan is a long-term document for the general type and location of future development. Zoning provides site-specific standards for development. The Municipal Code has a Zoning Ordinance which lists permitted uses and development standards within each zone. The Zoning Ordinance is influenced by General Plan policy. All land use and development must comply with both the Zoning Ordinance and the General Plan.



Will my General Plan land use designation be changed?


Changes in land use will focus on comprehensive community planning, rather than site-specific development. Because La Quinta already has an established development pattern, major changes are unlikely.


Will my zoning be changed?


The General Plan update process does not directly change your zoning. Zoning that does not conform may be changed at a later date for consistency with the General Plan.


Who will conduct the update process?


Although every City department is involved with the General Plan update, the Planning Department has the most important role and is responsible for overseeing the process. A consultant team, Terra-Nova Planning and Research Inc., has been hired to assist the City with the preparation of the General Plan document and the Environmental Impact Report.


How can I keep in touch and be notified of upcoming workshops?


Everyone can sign up to receive an email to be notified of upcoming events and workshops through La Quinta’s Quail Mail by clicking on the General Plan update box and providing their email address. If you are unable to attend an event, you can find a summary of all past workshops posted on our website.


Where can I get more information?


For more information contact the La Quinta Planning Department at (760) 777-7125 or e-mail us at


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Last Updated: May 21, 2010