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2010 General Plan Update

Updating the General Plan is one of the largest and most complicated projects undertaken by the Planning Department. The General Plan update is expected to take about 18 months. Community participation is integral to the update process and La Quinta residents can get involved each step of the way.

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Getting Started

At the beginning, we’ll be working to inform the community about the overall update process. This process started with an introductory community workshop held in April. At this time, we will begin reviewing the current General Plan for areas that needed improvement, seeking comments from individuals, organizations, and agencies. We’re also gathering data on the City’s overall energy usage so that we can begin work on developing a greenhouse gas inventory. At the same time, our consulting team will be starting their background research on all of the special studies that will be undertaken with the General Plan update.

Focusing on the Community

During the second phase of the update process, we’re going to begin focusing on the community with a public outreach campaign. Stakeholders meetings will be held with businesses and property owners within the Village district and the Highway 111 corridor. We’re also going to be meeting with the Vista Santa Rosa Community Council to get input from people who live outside of the City but are also a part of the General Plan update. We’re also planning to meet to with local students, special interest groups, and philanthropic organizations such as the local Rotary Club to discuss the General Plan update. Later, we’ll be hosting more community workshops to discuss and get feedback on land use and transportation issues.

Identifying Issues & Alternatives

Issues that were identified during the public outreach process will be analyzed and alternative policy solutions will be developed and incorporated into the draft document. The background studies prepared by the consulting team will be used to identify constraints and opportunities. Once this information has been analyzed, we will be hosting another workshop to discuss alternative plan policies. About this time, the consulting team will have finished their work on a city-wide traffic model with new projections for referenced in the General Plan. With information from the completed special studies and traffic model, we can begin work on preparing the draft sections of the updated General Plan.

SElecting a Preferred Alternative

After that point, we’ll be hosting another community workshop to compare alternative plan policies. Community groups and individuals will be able to focus on the issues and present their findings and preferences to others at the workshop. The Planning Commission and City Council will also be involved and be able to gauge public opinion before decisions are made.

Preparing a Draft of the General Plan & the Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

The draft General Plan will include preferred goals, policies, and implementation measures. A draft Environmental Impact Report will also be prepared at the same time to evaluate the environmental affects of implementing the draft General Plan. The draft Plan will include Elements for Land Use, Transportation, Conservation, Sustainability, Economic Development, Open Space, Emergency Preparedness, Noise, Housing, and Public Services.

Conducting Public Review & Adopting the Plan

Once the drafts of the General Plan and Environmental Impact Report are prepared, they will be distributed and posted online for community review and public comment. The new General Plan will then be scheduled for public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council for final approval.

Last Updated: August 14, 2010