Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. When should I put out my trash containers for pickup and retrieve them?
A. Trash containers can be put out no sooner than 24 hours before collection and removed to a location out of public view no later than 12 hours after collection.  See Municipal Code 6.04.050 (B)

Q. How do I schedule a bulky item pickup?
A. Call Burrtec at (760) 340-2113 and ask for Customer Service or sign-up online at the Burrtec website.  Bulky item pickup is the same day as regular pickup day, by appointment only. 

Q. Can I convert my garage into a room?
A. The only time the City will allow a garage to be converted into a room is when another garage is built to replace the one that was converted into a room.  Zoning codes require that all residences constructed have a covered area to park vehicles.  See Municipal Codes 9.150.060 and 9.150.080.

Q. Where can I display my vehicle for sale?
A. Your vehicle can be displayed on a private, residential driveway with permission of the owner.  See Municipal Code 9.160.100 (19)

Q. I received a notice from the City.  Who can I talk to about it? 
A. Contact the Code Compliance Officer at the phone number listed on the notice.  You will need the case number when you call.  If you are unable to reach the Officer, leave a message for them.  Be sure to provide your name, contact information and your case number.

Q. Why do I have to have address numbers on my house?
A. All new and existing buildings must display numbers or addresses that are plainly visible from the street or road fronting the property.  Numbers must be at least four inches high.  See Uniform Fire Code 505.1

Q. I have my address painted on the curb.  Is that enough?
A. It’s a good idea to have your house number painted on the curb, but you still must display the numbers on the dwelling.  In case an emergency, police and fire departments look for the address on the building.  Sometimes parked vehicles obscure addresses painted on the curb.  Having address numbers on your house could save your life.

Q. My neighbor’s tree is hanging over my fence.  What can I do?
A. Contact your neighbor about the tree branches and debris that have grown over the fence onto your side of the property.  This is a civil issue between you and your neighbor.  The City has no authority in this area.

Q. Who is responsible for fixing my fence?
A. Side and rear yard property line fences that are not in public view are a civil issue between you and your neighbor.  The City has no authority in this area. 

Q. What is considered acceptable landscaping? 
A. All front and exterior side yards must be landscaped to property lines.  Landscaping should include trees, shrubs and ground cover of sufficient space, size and variety to create an attractive and appealing appearance.  See Municipal Code 9.50.090 (8,9,10 & 11)

Q. I’m selling my house.  Where can I place my “For Sale” sign?
A. Residential “For Sale” signs are considered temporary and are exempt from requiring a permit.  You are limited to one sign per street frontage.  For example, a house in the middle of a block can have one sign, whereas a house on a corner can have two signs.  See Municipal Code 9.160.020 (19)