Measure G Sales Tax

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The Financial Advisory Commission (FAC) provides oversight of Measure G sales tax revenue. Annual compliance reports are prepared and presented to the City Council for approval. For additional information regarding the annual compliance reports, please call the Finance Department at 760-777-7150 or email


Annual Oversight Reports

 Voter Approved Measure G Ballet Language

Shall an ordinance providing revenue, which the State cannot take, to be used locally for police protection; projects such as parks, streets, landscaping and flood control; programs attracting businesses; youth/senior; sports/recreation programs; preserving property values and quality of life, by setting a permanent 1% transactions (sales) and use tax, subject to citizen oversight, raising six million dollars annually (estimated), with all funds dedicated to general City services, programs and projects be adopted? 

Why A Tax Measure?

  • In June 2015, the City Council appointed 14 resident volunteers to the Finance Advisory Committee to evaluate the City's current and long term financial position. 
  • The City Council sought review and feedback from the Committee to address and mitigate recent fiscal decisions beyond the City's control, such as dissolution of redevelopment agencies and the projected sharp increase in police services costs. The Advisory Committee's 2016 Final Report described the impacts on the City as a "serious financial quandary."

  • After reviewing the City's 2015/16 adopted budget, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and other critical documents, the Committee determined the City would have a $50 million deficit under the current 10-year projection period (Fiscal Years 2017 - 2026). 

  • On May 2 and May 17, 2016, the City Council unanimously approved an ordinance and resolutions approving a 1% sales tax rate increase, subject to voter approval on the November 8, 2016 General Election ballot. The ballot measure was approved and became effective on April 1,2017.
  • State can NOT reallocate the proceeds of the 1% sales tax revenue for their own use. 
    • FACT: Article XIII, Section 24(b) of the State Constitution, enacted by Proposition 22, provides, "The Legislature may not reallocate, transfer, borrow, appropriate, restrict the use of, or otherwise use the proceeds of any tax imposed or levied by a local government solely for the local government's purposes."


  • In 2016, the City prepared a  BLUE BOOK MEASURE INFORMATION guide, which includes facts and figures provided to the community during outreach events.