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Residents have the right to call a 24/7 hotline to report violations. (760) 777-7157

1. What to do NOW...

  • Renew your Business License and Property Registration
    • Q. What if I have more than one property?
    • A. You will need to register each property.
  • Designate a "local contact person" who is available 24/7 to respond to any complaints.
    • Local Contact will require a Business License

2. Once you get your permit...

  • Remember to post your "permit" at the property and list the permit number on all advertisements.

3. Monthly...

  • Report rental activity.
    • Q. Do I have to report if I have no rental activity?  A. Yes
      Click here for the No Tax Due Reporting Form.
  • Remit the required 10% (TOT) for all rentals of 30 days or less.
      Click here for the Tax Due Reporting Form.
    • Q. What is TOT?  A. TOT is a Transient Occupancy Tax, also known as "bed tax."
    • Q. What if I am a Realtor and I collect the TOT?  A. Realtors who collect rental funds must register as a "Management Company" and remit payment along with the TOT Reporting Detail Worksheet

4. Annually...


For general questions, please email the Customer Service Center or contact us at (760) 777-7000. 


All-Forms FAQ Ordinance 572