Code Compliance - Landscape Requirements

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Drought Declared Over by Governor/La Quinta to Address Landscape Requirements


  • In January of 2014, Governor Brown declared a drought emergency.

  • The City temporarily reduced landscape maintenance to requiring landscape to be cut, edged, and maintained. 

  • Watering was not required, however residents could not create a fire hazard.

  • Residents are expressing concern about neighborhood appearances degrading. 

  • In April 2017, CA Governor Brown terminated the drought state of emergency.

  • Other desert cities are restoring their landscape maintenance enforcement.

  • La Quinta has restored full landscape maintenance enforcement as of October 2017.

  •  Please restore your yards with landscaping consisting of lawn, or desert landscape (which includes decomposed granite, in combination with some colored gravel, spotted plants and a supporting irrigation system).


Landscape Codes:


La Quinta Municipal Code 9.50.090 (A) 8, 9, 10, & 11

La Quinta Municipal Code 9.60.030 (F) (1)

La Quinta Municipal Code 9.60.230 (E) (3)


Please See Example Below:

Landscape Requirements BEFORE   BEFORE                                                                                                             AFTER