Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

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Capital Improvement Program Fiscal Year 2019/2020 through 2023/2024 Public Hearing

Fiscal Year 2019/2020 through 2023/2024 CIP Resolution No. 2019-010

Capital Improvement Program
Fiscal Year 2018/2019 through 2022/2023

Current Projects 

SilverRock Park Venue, Project No. 2016-08

The contractor for the SilverRock Park Venue project continues to drain the pond and install pipe for new lake.

SilverRock 20191114 1 SilverRock 20191114 2

Dune Palms Road Widening Improvements, Project No. 2009-04

The contractor for the Dune Palms Road Widening project is placing bike lane markings and the second coat of striping.

Dune Palms (2009-04) 2019-11-14 1  Dune Palms (2009-04) 2019-11-14 2

Eisenhower Drive Drainage Improvements - Retention Basin and Storm Drain, Project No. 2015-12B

The contractor for the Eisenhower Drive Drainage improvements project continues to dig keyways and install liner.

Eisenhower (2015-12B) 2019-11-14 1  Eisenhower (2015-12B) 2019-11-14 2

La Quinta Landscape Renovation Improvements - La Quinta Highlands, Project No. 2016-03D

LQ Highlands (2016-03D) 2019-11-14 1  LQ Highlands (2016-03D) 2019-11-14 2

The contractor for the La Quinta Landscape Renovation Improvements - La Quinta Highlands project has completed landscaping and is preparing for their final walk through.


This project is will take place on the South side of Fred Waring Drive from Palm Royale Country Club to Adams Street, and along both sides of Las Vistas Drive from Fred Waring to Villeta Drive. 

The contractor will be removing designated grass, plants, Jacaranda and other trees, and replacing them with drought tolerant landscaping, trees, and irrigation along the parkway and medians in the Highlands and Las Vistas neighborhoods. There will be associated wall cleaning and repairs, and trimming of homeowner vines, plants, or trees from the wall. If your home borders Fred Waring, Las Vistas, or Adams Street, please contact Leonard R. St. Sauver ASAP at (760) 275-2143 to discuss any plants or trees that may need to be trimmed away from the wall.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Leonard St. Sauver at (760)777-7048 or Ubaldo Ayon at (760)777-7051.