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City for La Quinta is seeking to reduce the number of false alarms. Last year, both Police and Fire responded to more than 3,560 false alarms, costing the city more than $400,000 in resources.

 30 Minutes  1  Officer  30 minutes not patrolling or responding to other calls
 30 Minutes  6 Firemen  30 minutes spent clearing a call and not responding to a real emergency.
  • By reducing the number of false alarms, Public Safety officers can respond faster to actual emergencies.
  • Police and Fire can provide additional services to the community.
  • Why is this a problem? False alarms are the most frequent call received by Police and the second most frequent call for Fire.
  • There are numerous locations generating excessive number of false alarms. Repeat offenders ignore notices left by officers, and continue to trigger false alarms on a weekly or monthly basis. 
  • How do you know if you had a false alarm? Every time there is a false alarm, a notice is left at the premise or a letter is sent advising the alarm user that Police or Fire responded to a false alarm. 
  • Once a third false alarm is registered at the same location within a year, a service fee will be imposed. If the service fee is not paid within 15 days, the false alarms will be subject to fines.
  • If a location continues to generate false alarms, the amount of the service fees will increase per the table below:
Fees  Police  Fire
 3rd False Alarm  $60  $60
 4th False Alarm  $105  $275
 5th or more False Alarm  $120  $605

 False alarm fees not paid within 15 days are subject to fines per La Quinta Municipal Code. 



1)      Be familiar with your alarm system.  Train and practice with it.  Know how to operate it properly.

2)      Make sure false alarms are canceled through the alarm company so the police or fire are not dispatched.

3)      Make sure you know your pass code.  

4)      Check your smoke detectors and motion sensors.

5)      Make sure the motion sensors are not too sensitive for animals left in the house.  

6)      Do not place items that are loose or that are too close to sensors, such as drapes or oscillating fans.

7)      Make sure the battery system is charged and working properly.

8)      Have your alarm system checked and maintained regularly.



For questions, contact Public Safety Division at 760-777-7158

Remit Payment To:

City of La Quinta

Attn: False Alarms

78-495 Calle Tampico

La Quinta, CA 92253