Road Closures

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CVWD Irrigation Distribution Improvement Project in La Quinta


La Quinta High School ADA Improvements, Project No. 2017-05

Construction will begin on Monday, July 16, 2018 with an anticipated end date of Friday, August 17, 2018.  At times, one southbound OR northbound lane of Adams Street may be closed between Miles Avenue and Hwy 111. The sidewalk between Adams and Wakefield Circle will be closed for approximately 3 weeks commencing on Monday, July 23. The intent is to have the entire project completed before school resumes on Aug. 23.


North La Quinta Landscape Renovation - Quinterra Neighborhood and Adams Basin, Project No. 2016-03C

Construction will begin on July 30 for the Quinterra Project, as part of the north La Quinta Landscape Renovation plan. Approximately 100,700 square feet of parkway and retention basin will be converted to the Desert Oasis plant palette. Improvements include a new walkway around the Adams Park Retention Basin, wall cleaning and new lighting at the Quinterra development entrances.

At times, one westbound lane of Miles Avenue between Dune Palms and Adams Street may be closed. Also at times, one southbound lane of Adams Street may be closed between Miles Avenue and Fred Waring Drive

As part of the approved 2017/18 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Council prioritized the renovation of the public landscape in north La Quinta over the next four years, utilizing Measure G funds. The improvements will feature the Desert Oasis landscape palette, which uses hardscape textures with minimal planting to create an aesthetically pleasing environment with lower installation, long-term maintenance, and water costs.


Pavement Management Plan, Project No. 2017-27

    The 2017/18 Pavement Management Plan (PMP) improvements are anticipated to begin in August, and will slurry over 1,500,000 square feet of pavement, minor pothole repair, striping improvements, and provide better delineation for bike lanes. There may be intermittent temporary lane closures throughout the project locations beginning August 10 through the completion of the project on October 4, 2018.

    The project locations include:

    •Highlands Palms Neighborhood (located on the west side of Washington Street between Point Happy Way and Avenue 47): (206,000 SF)
    •Simon Drive: (60,000 SF)
    •Lake La Quinta Drive: (9,000 SF)
    •Caleo Bay Drive: (46,000 SF)
    •La Quinta Center Drive: (54,000 SF) and striping to create a two-way left turn lane
    •Auto Center Drive: (50,000 SF) and striping to delineate parking lanes
    •Auto Center Way: (15,000 SF) and striping to delineate parking lanes
    •La Quinta Drive: (67,000 SF) and striping to convert the northbound turning lanes at Highway 111 to dual lefts with a through/right
    •Avenue 48: (535,000 SF) and striping to further delineate bike lanes
    •Avenue 50: (471,000 SF) and striping to further delineate bike lanes
    •Alley (Between Avenida Bermudas and Desert Club Drive): (13,000 SF)
    •Avenida Montezuma at Calle Madrid Roundabout: address resident concerns by removing raised delineators and constructing raised curbs to improve the aesthetics of the area.