City Wide Camera System

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did the City Wide Camera System originate?
A: In October 2016 an Ad Hoc Committee was established to assess the potential use of public safety camera systems.

Q: Who is in the Ad Hoc Committee?
A: Member of the committee include representatives from Council, Police, Fire, Emergency Services and city staff.

Q: Has the community been included in the discussion?
A: The Ad Hoc Committee conducted a community survey in February 2017, 714 residents participated and 83% are supportive, 13% are not in support and 3% are undecided or had no opinion. 

Q: What are the next steps?
A: Ad Hoc members will be conducting a series of meetings to collect feedback and to inform the public about the benefits and costs of the program.

Q: How can I get more information?
A: A list of upcoming meetings will be posted on this page and in other social media venues.  Residents and business owners are welcome to attend any of the meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

 Focus Groups

 Meeting                                                           Date         Location    Time
Focus Group 1 01/25/18 La Quinta City Hall   6:00 PM
Focus Group 2 02/13/18 La Quinta City Hall   6:00 PM


Updates to Commissions


   Date         Location     TIme
Community Services Commission 03/12/18 La Quinta City Hall     5:30 PM
Planning Commission  03/13/18  La Quinta City Hall    6:00 PM
Housing Commission 03/14/18 La Quinta City Hall    6:00 PM
Finance Commission 04/11/18  La Quinta City Hall     4:00 PM 


Community Outreach 


    Date          Location  Time 
Crime Prevention Multifamily Housing 10/25/17 La Quinta City Hall    2:00 PM
Neighborhood Watch - Cove Group 10/26/17 La Quinta City Hall   6:00 PM
Citizens on Patrol 10/31/17  La Quinta City Hall 10:00 AM 
Trending Topics 11/28/17  La Quinta Museum  10:00 AM